Today we have a guest post from our director, founder, lead developer and all round guru – John Peat


VisitorRego V10 is complete rewrite of versions 8 and 9.

Over the years features where bolted to the side of core functionality. Over the years code was written to mitigate design deficiencies. The first iterations weere built specifically for Windows 95.

The expectations of our customers are for a modern user interface. This could not be achieved using the core Microsoft software development technologies. To rewrite VisitorRego using these core products would not have changed the look and feel we needed to do something different.

VisitorRego V10 has been rewritten using Telerik components. These are components that extended core Microsoft functions to give a clean, fresh, modern customer experience.

Software is never finished. It is always changing as operating systems, computer hardware and industry requirements change. VisitorRego needed a process where its installed customer base always had the latest version.

V10 comes with AutoUpdate. Each time a V10 instance starts it checks with a VisitorRego to ensure all files held local are the latest version. This process makes available any change to VsitorRego to all connected VisitorRego Appliances.

V10 sets the future.

In the past year we have written a number of new features. We then had problems implementing these new features as the process of upgrading a customer was totally manual. We need to get the base product of VisitorRego setup for the future and the process by which it can be implement in place.

V10 is a rewrite of VistorRego, addressing design and structural deficiencies, give a fresh user interface, encapsulating years of experience while retaining the core elements that make it the best visitor registration on the market.

These core elements are:

It is Microsoft based. This means that it easily fits within a customers existing network and computer system architecture. It means VisitorRego can run any hardware device made for Windows
It is a hybrid solution. VisitorRego is a Windows desktop app that syncs registration data with the cloud.
As an Windows app
– We can give the best user experience to person registering.
– It is highly customisable with a company’s livery
– It is highly customisable with purpose built registration process
– Is highly reliable as it is not reliant on the internet
The registration data in the cloud is delivered back into the company, on any device from any where
VisitorRego is the only company that has developed its own hardware package – the VR Flex.
With the value of customer data the internet holds many security issues. VisitorRego is the only company that provide a complete hybrid visitor and contractor registration system that can be run totally in-house as an intranet
VisitorRego, the Windows desktop app is the core product of Visitor Registration Ltd. V10 is a modern app built on the experience and expertise of 15 years in the fast changing world of software development. It is now the platform that we now move forward on.

Who knows what this future may look like? – Facial recognition?


John Peat

If you would like to see what this latest version looks like, or upgrade your current version please contact us.