I’ve just finished (labouring through) the second season of The Crown. (Definitely not as good as the first, and apparently there’s a third in the pipeline!)

Looking at all the pomp and circumstance reminded me of the recent royal visit to our humble commonwealth country.

How much did it cost for us to host Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall?

The answer is an eye-watering $1,395,876 over 7 days (full breakdown below).

The cost of visitors is also a major question. How much is a good visitor registration system worth to your business? How many people are going to use it each day? Won’t a book do just as good a job?

Short answer is yes, you can register visitors using a book.

– They will have to write the same information each time they arrive
– They’ll be able to see everyone who has registered before them
– There may be some awkward label they have to tear off
– They’ll need their glassed to read the health and safety information squeezed on in a size 9 font
– They’ll have to ding a bell to let someone know they’re there.
– And if they remember and can be bothered signing out they’ll need to scroll through everyone’s details to find their name.

And you’ll pay $1.64 for each visitor, every time.

Or you can pay $1.49 for each visitor including an SMS notification.

Get in touch with us today and find out how much VisitorRego will cost you.

What the 2015 royal visit cost New Zealand

Personnel $494,153
International Travel $231,268
Domestic Travel $123,418
Accommodation, Meals and Other Travel Related Costs $135,183
Vehicle Hire $322,459*
Government Hospitality $53,476
General Operating Costs $35,919
Total $1,395,876