The days may be getting longer, but winter still has many of us in it’s grips with those late season colds.

While it was a terrible year for the flu with four times as many Aucklanders suffering from the flu as normal, Kiwis are known for their stubbornness and refusal to stay home when they are ill.

Sick workers need time to recover and VisitorRego can help everyone

The 2015 Wellness in the Workplace survey found that 35% of people continued to show up for work even when they were sick.

Southern Cross Health Society Chief Executive Peter Tynan says part of that will be down to New Zealand’s high number of SMEs.

In a small business a staff member being absent is much more acutely felt than in a large organisation. There may be an element of guilt which is causing unwell workers to feel like they need to come in.

If this sounds like your workplace here are some tips to stop add the guilt to the snot.

1. Stay home when you are sick.
2. Encourage your staffers to say home—and give them the time.
3. Create a health and wellness committee to support a healthy work environment.
4. Allow flexible and remote work options.
5. Have processes and systems in place to manage vital jobs so people can recover knowing it’s under control.

One area that can suffer when a person is away is the reception area. Not only is a handwritten note not the best welcome for your guests, but other staff members will have their days disrupted providing cover.

With VisitorRego as an established reception tool both receptionist and staff can relax knowing visitors will be taken care of.