Covid 19 Management: Contact Tracing

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This fantastic video from The Spinoff explains why contact tracing is so important, especially under Level 3.

Covid-19 contact tracing

Source: The Spinoff

As explained above, contact tracing is easy when you’re in lock down, but gets a lot more complicated when people start to move around.

Companies have been asked to keep track of everyone who comes on site. This will allow authorities to locate any close contacts to be located and isolated in case of an infection.

This reporting starts with capturing people’s details.

self rego fields for contact tracing

This is a standard process of VisitorRego and the information recorded can be customised to your requirements.

Some companies are adding additional fields to ask if the visitor came with anyone else.

The time and date of the entry and exit is automatically captured.

The records can be viewed, searched and filtered online and downloaded.

See this video on how to run reports on who has registered with your company.

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