Health is now the priority when it comes to ‘health and safety’.

Both Australian and New Zealand legislation requires that PCBUs are responsible for “the provision and maintenance of a work environment that is without health and safety risks”.

For Australia this is part of the The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and in New Zealand it’s the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Prior to 2020 the focus was firmly on the “safety” element with trip hazards, emergency exits and high vis as priority.

Now as we collectively tackle Covid-19 we must shift the emphasis to the health of the work environment and the maintenance of this.

VisitorRego has several functions to help keep work places healthy and safe.

Covid 19 Management Part 1 – Contact Tracing

Companies have been asked to keep track of everyone who comes on site. This will allow authorities to locate any close contacts to be located and isolated in case of an infection.

This reporting starts with capturing people’s details.

self rego fields for contact tracing

This is a standard process of VisitorRego and the information recorded can be customised to your requirements.

Some companies are adding additional fields to ask if the visitor came with anyone else.

The time and date of the entry and exit is automatically captured.

The records can be viewed, searched and filtered online and downloaded.

See this video on how to run reports on who has registered with your company.

Covid-19 Management Part 2 – Health Declaration

Health is now the priority when it comes to ‘health and safety’.

As part of the registration process you can display, and require acknowledgement of your health and safety policy, including Covid-19 measures.

This is highly customisable and we have templates you can use.

Covid 19 health declaration

Covid 19 Management Part 3 – Risk Notification

As part of the registration you can ask people to declare they if they are at risk or not.

This is highly customisable and we have templates you can use.

  • Selecting the risk option will send an email/SMS notification to the host with the visitor response.
  • The response is also printed on the label.

Covid 19 risk notification

Covid-19 Management Part 4 – Pre-Registration creates contactless visitor sign in

Using the Pre-Registration function allows visitors to complete the registration process, including viewing and accepting health and safety information, before they come on site.

On arrival they simply scan the QR code on their phone to sign in, a label is printed and the host notified.

contactless contact tracing

These other functions can also make life easier and keep everyone safe:

– Notifications sent to staff mean that only the host needs to interact with the visitor. This can allow you to continue to run your reception unattended or secure the office and require people to register before entering.

– Permanent QR codes for regular visitors & contractors for quick and easy sign in without touching the screen and increased contact tracing capacity.

Customise the Welcome screen to prevent people at risk touching the screen and further reduce the risk of any spread.

Covid 19 welcome