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Step 1: Software

We are proud of the flexibility and functionality of our pricing plans, and the value this adds to the daily operation of our customers. We’ll work with you to ensure your package delivers everything you need – nothing more and nothing less.

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Smart Sign-in
QR code only
No Hardware required




This applies to visitors and contractorsRegistrations per week (excluding staff) ⓘ10001002001000
Number of workstations per locationmultiple per codeoneonemultiple
Support for VisitorRego software and hardwareVR service support ⓘ
Keep using the software even if the internet connection drops out. Registrations will be stored locally and synced when the connection is re-establishedOffline usability ⓘ
Print out a list of people currently registered quickly on to labelsEmergency printouts ⓘ
View a list of people currently registered online. Allows for multiple people to sign in, check people off as they are accounted for and call straight from the list if viewing on your phone.Online emergency data ⓘ
See details of registrations, search for information, run reports and export to ExcelOnline dashboard & reports ⓘ
Print a customisable label for visitors on registration and provide a professional option to improve company securityVisitor labels printed ⓘ
A barcode is printed on the label and is used to sign out quickly and easily.Bardcode sign out ⓘ
Customise the full area of the screen graphics and other parameters for the best solution for your company. Screen and setting customisation ⓘ
Display customisable health and safety info on registration and require acknowledgementVisitor health and safety info ⓘ
Covid-19 Management features
Contactless sign-in
Send notifications to hosts, PA's or groups on registration. Can be email, SMS or bothEmail and SMS* notifications ⓘ
Use the same label to sign in/out for a day, or over a set period time. Temporary ID sign inRe-Usable labels sign in ⓘ
Use barcodes on keytags or other cards to sign in/out. Can be existing barcodes or provided by VisitorRegoPermanent ID sign in ⓘ
Ask people for their role on site and show specific health & safety info and print specific labels.Customised workflows** ⓘ
Automatically update the staff list from Active Directory. Can be filtered to be site specificActive Directory integration ⓘ
Notify staff of an arrival or assitance without asking for registration. Used for deliveries or people needing helpElectronic reception bell ⓘ
Register individuals or groups in advanceAppointment pre-registration ⓘ
My Vaccine Pass – Covid 19 Vaccination certificate integration with VRVaccine Pass Integration ⓘ
Email online inductions for contractors to complete before they come on siteSend online inductions ⓘ
Check that all contractors registering hold the site specific requirements and are compliantKeep track of site requirements ⓘ
Email notifications in advance of expiry, run reports on expiry dates and notification on registration if a requirement has expiredManage expiry dates ⓘ
Email notifications if contractor hasn't been on site before, doesn't hold site requirements, or if these have expiredInstant notification of non-compliance ⓘ
Reportable hours with total time on site calculated for reconciling invoices, or creating timesheetsMonitor contractor hours ⓘ
Check site specific requirements for companies such as insurance and pre-qualification are held and current.Maintain company compliance details ⓘ
Sign out items to individuals using barcodes, manage and report onlineIssue and track items ⓘ

* SMS are an additional cost
**2 workflows for Essential, up to 5 for Premium

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Step 2: Hardware

VR Flex

This NZ-designed and built system uses the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet to meet all user access requirements in office and industrial environments.

VR Counter

Our classic visitor registration package will immediately enhance your reception area, providing a clear, accessible and easy-use point of access.

VR Kiosk

The Kiosk is the perfect answer for unattended reception areas, out-of-hours registration or simply when you just don’t have the desk space.

Step 3: Consumables


Kiosk, Counter and Flex compatible:
$27.95 per roll of 300 labels


SMS notifications are an optional feature and you can send these through VisitorRego for 17c per message, or through your current bulk SMS provider.

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Karen Gwilliam

Everyone that I’ve spoken to loves it and that’s both staff and visitors alike.  No one has been left hanging in Reception which is always a bonus!

Karen Gwilliam
Management Assistant - BSH Home Appliances Ltd

Anthony De Luca

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and support with our VisitorRego system this year. You have consistently provided timely and reliable support to us here – I will most definitely vouch for your services and VIsitorRego system when asked about guest/visitor sign in systems.

Anthony De Luca
Manager IT Operations - Schneider Electric

Tracey Leyston

The support was phenomenal and the implementation was too easy! Well done to your team.
It’s all working well and users are loving it.

Tracey Leyston
Avis Budget Group

Rodney Moon

I would like to thank you for the awesome service and quick response. Keep up the good work.