About Us

In a world of start ups and pop ups it’s reassuring when a tech company has been going strong since 2004”.

That’s when our IT guru John started VisitorRego and we’ve been making customer lead developments ever since.

The VisitorRego team are committed to providing functional business systems to a diverse range of customers from SME’s to large organisations in any industry.

What sets VisitorRego apart is our focus on making your move to an electronic registration system as smooth and simple as possible.

Some of this we do by providing and supporting hardware packages.

When John first started installing VisitorRego this wasn’t the case and with labels getting stuck in printers all over the place a solution was needed.

The answer was to supply tried, tested and reliable hardware that could then be supported if anything went wrong.

But that’s not enough.

No one wants a jumble of hardware turning up and then having to get it ready to go.

We know you’ve got better things to do, so our set up specialist Mark works with you to get the graphics in place, customise the health and safety information and load all the setting so you can pull it out of the box, plug it in and you’re ready to go!

However, nothing is ever that simple so our support team provide you with training to get you started and make sure that you know how to change those pesky labels. They’re also there for any curlier questions.

John and the Blender team finessing the design of the VR Flex hardware package.

We understand that your registration system needs to be your most reliable employee and with stable software, robust hardware, and years of experience it’s what we provide.

Do you have a complicated set up and need help working out the best solution?

We’re ready to help.

Rodney Moon

I would like to thank you for the awesome service and quick response. Keep up the good work.

Tracey Leyston

The support was phenomenal and the implementation was too easy! Well done to your team.
It’s all working well and users are loving it.

Tracey Leyston
Avis Budget Group

Anthony De Luca

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and support with our VisitorRego system this year. You have consistently provided timely and reliable support to us here – I will most definitely vouch for your services and VIsitorRego system when asked about guest/visitor sign in systems.

Anthony De Luca
Manager IT Operations - Schneider Electric

Karen Gwilliam

Everyone that I’ve spoken to loves it and that’s both staff and visitors alike.  No one has been left hanging in Reception which is always a bonus!

Karen Gwilliam
Management Assistant - BSH Home Appliances Ltd