Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Great question. The quick answer is… it depends. You see, we’ve got a lot of options to mix and match to ensure you’ll get the perfect solution. A complete VisitorRego package consists of software, hardware, set up and labels. The cost is determined by the chosen options and if payment is by purchase or lease. The easiest way to find out the total cost is to give us a call or email.

Why do I need a label printer and barcode scanner?

When the visitor registers a label is printed with their name, company and host. The label also has your logo and a barcode.

The label performs two important functions. First, it increases security by clearly identifying the person as a visitor (which also lets you know their presence has been recorded). This label can also include a photo taken at the time of registering, and different labels can be printed for visitors and contractors.

Second, we’ve found that without a barcode scan visitors often don’t sign out, and the label allows them to do so with one simple motion. This can even be done while another person is registering on the touch screen.

Not only is this highly convenient for the visitor but it also increases privacy. They don’t have to search through the list of visitors to find their name. The barcode scanner can also be used for people such as contractors or staff to sign in using a permanent barcode.

Are there any additional costs?

We recommend purchasing three rolls of labels to get you started. VR Counter and VR Flex labels and VR Kiosk labels are all $27.95 per roll of 300. Labels can be ordered here.

SMS notifications are sent via an SMS gateway. This is an additional cost that will be charged directly to you by your existing mobile provider, or VisitorRego.

Do I have to buy the hardware from you?

Short answer: No. Long answer: We can supply the software to be installed on your own hardware – which is what generally occurs when a company has existing hardware for visitor registration. However one of the benefits of the VisitorRego package is the support we provide for our hardware – a service we cannot extend to hardware you provide yourself.

How does installation work?

Once we’ve worked through the set up process with you the system will be ready to install.

Generally however for businesses outside Auckland we will then pack up the hardware and send it you. Everything will arrive ready to go and we’ll complete the final installation tasks and training remotely. We also have relationships with IT companies throughout New Zealand and Australia who are familiar with VisitorRego and able to come on site if need be.

Is there any chance the software will become sentient and create a nightmare future of robot overlords?

Negative, fleshy one. There is 0% chance. Everything will be fine.

Do you have a complicated set up and need help finding the best solution?

We’re ready to help.

Rodney Moon

I would like to thank you for the awesome service and quick response. Keep up the good work.

Anthony De Luca

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and support with our VisitorRego system this year. You have consistently provided timely and reliable support to us here – I will most definitely vouch for your services and VIsitorRego system when asked about guest/visitor sign in systems.

Anthony De Luca
Manager IT Operations - Schneider Electric

Karen Gwilliam

Everyone that I’ve spoken to loves it and that’s both staff and visitors alike.  No one has been left hanging in Reception which is always a bonus!

Karen Gwilliam
Management Assistant - BSH Home Appliances Ltd

Tracey Leyston

The support was phenomenal and the implementation was too easy! Well done to your team.
It’s all working well and users are loving it.

Tracey Leyston
Avis Budget Group