Digital Gatekeeper


When it comes to on-site visitor and employee management companies can no longer afford a ‘she’ll be right’ approach.

Our VR Facilities system delivers the answer. It’s an online application that administers inductions, permits and certificates while also tracking hours worked on site. With the VR Facilities app combined with VisitorRego sign-in points you’ll have an intelligent digital gatekeeper – the perfect balance of convenience and security.

You’ll know exactly who is onsite and be confident they are meeting site requirements. You’ll have a highly efficient and effective contractor management process with reduced paperwork and administration time. Most importantly, you’ll have ongoing peace of mind from keeping people safe onsite.


Know Before They Come And Go

When a contractor registers their site requirements are checked – each and every time. If a requirement is not held or has expired then the contractor is unable to complete registration. At the same time email and SMS notifications are sent. With VR Facilities in place you are assured that all workers on site hold full and current requirements. And if there is a discrepancy the instant notification allows you to respond immediately.


Get Your Data Working

VR Facilities also allows you to manage requirements proactively by providing instant reports on expiry dates. You can reduce the amount of time between inductions by being forewarned of pending expiries. Your data need never sit dormant on a spreadsheet somewhere. Now your data works for you.


Stay Relevant To Your Requirements

The site requirements in VR Facilities are specific to each company, allowing you to keep track of inductions, work permits, insurances and qualifications. Existing documents can be set up as online forms, which are then sent to individuals or contracting companies. These forms can then be completed and submitted ahead of any arrival on site – saving everyone time and money.


Make Sign-In Simple

With the VR Facilities app workers can use a barcode to sign in. This quick and easy registration process ensures people will both adopt the new safety process quickly and use it again and again. The process works by printing a clearly identifiable label. This label is only received by the system if all site requirements are met.

Manage Multiple Sites

VR Facilities allows you to manage multiple sites from one central online location. So you can create a collaborative working environment with multiple site owners and members.


Receive Instant Hazard Feedback

When workers sign out they have the opportunity to report any hazards.
This free-form input allows for site-specific details and the text message and email sent to relevant managers means the hazard can be quickly remedied.

Do you have a complicated set up and need help finding the best solution?

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Anthony De Luca

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and support with our VisitorRego system this year. You have consistently provided timely and reliable support to us here – I will most definitely vouch for your services and VIsitorRego system when asked about guest/visitor sign in systems.

Anthony De Luca
Manager IT Operations - Schneider Electric

Karen Gwilliam

Everyone that I’ve spoken to loves it and that’s both staff and visitors alike.  No one has been left hanging in Reception which is always a bonus!

Karen Gwilliam
Management Assistant - BSH Home Appliances Ltd

Rodney Moon

I would like to thank you for the awesome service and quick response. Keep up the good work.

Tracey Leyston

The support was phenomenal and the implementation was too easy! Well done to your team.
It’s all working well and users are loving it.

Tracey Leyston
Avis Budget Group

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