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Step 1: Software


Mobile Pass

$1 per day

One on One Software Support

Benefit from personalised attention and expert guidance to optimise your software experience. Contact our NZ based tech support via phone and email.

Workplace Emergency Management
Enables you to swiftly print off a list of individuals who are registered as onsite using the label printer or online via the VisitorRego portal. Assists in conducting roll calls, and details crucial information, including contact details, arrival times, and assistance requirements, facilitating efficient evacuation management for on-site safety.
Email and SMS* notifications
Notify specific staff members in real-time. When visitors sign in, they can select who they would like to see. A notification is delivered automatically via email, SMS, or both to the staff member the visitor selected.
Display Screen customisation
Personalise the welcome screen. Modify layouts, colours, and content for a user-friendly and on brand experience to suit your organisation’s needs.
Health and Safety Induction
Enhance visitor safety. Add your organisation’s health and safety induction suitable for your workplace. Customize it to your requirements or use our default template.
Offline access
Keep using the software even during internet outages, allowing continuous operation and retention of registration data. Upon reconnection, data seamlessly synchronises with the portal.
Real-time Staff Log
Monitor staff movements in real-time providing instant insight into who’s on-site and off-site. This practical feature enables effective staff presence monitoring, enhancing security and facility management with effortless tracking of your team’s movements.
Online dashboard & reports
Track sign-in trends and on-site hours monitor visit durations and history. Create reports displayed in intuitive charts or lists.
Data Retention
Allow visitors to choose whether their information remains stored or not. This feature empowers individual preferences for data privacy. Complementing this, automated registration data deletion offers heightened security by removing stored information after a set period. This ensures sensitive data is regularly cleared, reinforcing data protection protocols. Set period can be customized to your requirements.
Covid-19 Management
Minimise infection risks and protect your organisation effectively against Covid-related concerns. Easy access to your site’s Covid Tracer QR, Covid information, Vaccine Pass.
Settings customisation
Adjust the setting to personalise the system according to your specific operational requirements.. See the full customisation options here.

exclusive to Mobile Pass subscription


$59 p/month

Everything in Mobile Pass PLUS

Day Pass/Multi Day Pass
Allow multiple uses of the same label to sign in and out within a specific time period.
Personal ID sign-in

Assign existing QR codes or purchase VR key tag via VisitorRego, this can be assigned to an individual, ensuring secure and convenient access management.

Visitor Induction Customisation
Visitors to choose the category that best defines their purpose of visit, whether as a contractor, visitor, or other classifications triggering a tailored workflow, showcasing relevant health and safety slides relevant to their classification.
Sign-out via QR / Barcode Scanner
Customise your Visitor Label. Visitors can receive a printed personalised label embedded with a unique QR code upon registration.
Visitor Sign-in/out via Contactless sign-in
Eliminate the need for physical interaction with the VisitorRego unit. Display either static or rolling QR codes on the welcome screen.
Visitor Label Print Compatible
Print professional visitor labels upon sign-in, displaying essential details and your company’s logo. Visitor labels offer customisation options, allowing of extra registration-specific details tailor it to your workplace requirements.


$165 p/month

Everything in Starter PLUS

Active Directory Integration
Enhance administrative efficiency by enabling automated staff list updates, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records without manual intervention. Simplifies staff data importation by leveraging a PowerShell script for off-network VisitorRego units.
Notification Button Add-on
Add an additional button on the welcome screen. This feature executes custom procedures tailored to your organisation’s needs, triggered by pressing a customisable button on the unit’s welcome screen. It automates specific tasks or actions, streamlining workflows and addressing unique operational requirements.
Service Staff Button Add-on
The Service Staff Button feature integrates a customisable button directly on the VisitorRego unit’s welcome screen. Upon pressing the Service Staff Button, it promptly sends email and/or SMS notifications to designated staff. Ideal for parcel deliveries or immediate assistance alert.
Event H&S Pre-Register
Ideal for visitor count at conferences. Event managers can upload their visitor list with csv file. Visitors receive an invite to RSVP prior to their arrival including the H&S induction, streamlining the check-in process. Pre-print Visitor labels for registered visitors to give a seamless sign-in experience.
Pre-register Appointments
Ideal for group meetings. Hosts can send meeting invitations by creating a meeting via VR Portal or Outlook Calendar, providing visitors with all necessary site information prior to coming onsite.
Display content in other languages on screen including the keyboard. Switch between languages based on the visitors needs.
Mobile Pass & Printable QR Code
Add additional sign in locations within one site without hardware required. Print a QR code and place it at entry points, visitors can sign in by scanning the QR code.


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On-network Database Integration

Maximise data security and internal control by integrating VisitorRego with your on-network SQL server through our On-Network Database Integration feature. This configuration establishes a centralised database for all VisitorRego units within your internal network, enabling independent system operation without relying on the VR Portal server and related services externally. This setup focuses on managing data internally, ensuring heightened security and control within your network environment

Manage multiple sites as a group
Create site groups to maintain authorisations for individuals and organisations across all sites within the group. Enable streamlined authorisation recognition and management from one primary site to all others within the designated group. Simplify administration and ensure consistent compliance standards across your network of sites.

Compatibility Requirements

Multiple Workspaces

Hardware not required

One Workspace
Hardware required
One Workspace
Hardware required
Hardware required


Contractor Management

$95 p/month
Covid-19 Management
Assign customisable authorisation templates to contractors and send streamlined onboarding emails. These emails guide contractors to a dedicated web page detailing their assigned authorisations and required actions.
Manage multiple sites as a group
Create site groups to maintain authorisations for individuals and organisations across all sites within the group. Enable streamlined authorisation recognition and management from one primary site to all others within the designated group. Simplify administration and ensure consistent compliance standards across your network of sites.
Job Specific Questions
Integrate digital forms or questionnaires into the certification process. Upon completion, submissions are either approved by the site administrator or automatically certified by the system, simplifying the administrative process.
Authorisation Reports
Receive weekly reports highlighting authorisations that are due to expire or that are not yet certified, enabling proactive management. Dive deeper using VR Portal’s reporting tools to manage authorisation validity for individuals and organisations, ensuring seamless compliance.
Company Compliance Checks
Facilitate comprehensive site compliance by assigning authorisations to contractor companies. By authorising companies, this feature guarantees compliance checks not only for individual contractors but also for the entire organisation, simplifying and centralising compliance management effortlessly.
Monitor contractor hours
Easily monitor contractor hours on-site with VisitorRego’s reporting functionality. Utilise the intuitive online dashboard and reporting tools to track sign-in trends and contractor hours. Effortlessly monitor visit durations, access insightful visual data, and leverage critical analytics for comprehensive data insights.
Instant notification of non-compliance
Ensure on-site compliance by instantly verifying contractor authorisations upon sign-in, triggering real-time notifications for any non-compliance issues. Ensures certification adherence for contractors at both individual and organisational levels. Prompt notifications are sent to site administrators, highlighting any non-compliance issues such as expired qualifications or missing site-specific prerequisites.

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Step 2: Hardware

VR Laptop

Get started with cost effective quality hardware.Add a scanner and/or label printer as required.

VR Counter

Our classic visitor registration package will immediately enhance your reception area, providing a clear, accessible and easy-use point of access.

VR Flex

This NZ-designed and built system uses the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet to meet all user access requirements in office and industrial environments.

VR Kiosk

The Kiosk is the perfect answer for unattended reception areas, out-of-hours registration or simply when you just don’t have the desk space.

Step 3: Consumables


Kiosk, Counter and Flex compatible: $27.95 per roll of 300 labels


SMS notifications are an optional feature and you can send these through VisitorRego for 17c per message, or through your current bulk SMS provider.

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Anthony De Luca

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and support with our VisitorRego system this year. You have consistently provided timely and reliable support to us here – I will most definitely vouch for your services and VIsitorRego system when asked about guest/visitor sign in systems.

Anthony De Luca
Manager IT Operations - Schneider Electric

Karen Gwilliam

Everyone that I’ve spoken to loves it and that’s both staff and visitors alike.  No one has been left hanging in Reception which is always a bonus!

Karen Gwilliam
Management Assistant - BSH Home Appliances Ltd

Rodney Moon

I would like to thank you for the awesome service and quick response. Keep up the good work.

Tracey Leyston

The support was phenomenal and the implementation was too easy! Well done to your team.
It’s all working well and users are loving it.

Tracey Leyston
Avis Budget Group