Contactless Sign-In

The Touch-Free Experience

Designed in response to Covid-19, VisitorRego Contactless Sign-in allows for the ultimate in safe and sanitary registration, bringing you a completely touch-free experience.
Visitors are prompted to scan a displayed QR code using their own mobile device, from which they complete their registration and are shown all health and safety information. Pre-registration invitations can be issued in advance, allowing visitors to register their details on their own device prior to arrival, speeding up the sign-in process. Contactless sign-in can be used in tandem with an existing VisitorRego set-up, offering visitors the flexibility to sign-in contactlessly on their own device, or manually on a VisitorRego device following all Covid-19 sanitising protocols.
Visitor Rego Kiosk


• Seamless integration within the VisitorRego range • Requires a VisitorRego subscription • Available on all subscription tiers • Can display static or rolling QR codes • Sign-in details can be viewed on the VisitorRego web portal • Does not require any additional hardware

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