The Simple Solution to Temperature Screening

Designed in response to Covid19, VR Fever offers convenient, touch-free temperature screening upon arrival, allowing you to safely screen all visitors for elevated temperatures.

Temperatures are recorded at each sign-in, with VR Fever prompting visitors to place their forehead within range of the thermometer. Convenient safety features have been built-in, such as a warning beep and automatic notification of staff when a temperature exceeds a predefined threshold.

Offering total flexibility within the VR range, the VR Fever add-on seamlessly integrates with all VisitorRego VMS and is available as an addition to all subscription tiers. A robust solution, powered by USB and with a Bluetooth connection, VR Fever is simple to install and easy to use.

Visitor Rego Kiosk


• Touch-free temperature screening

• On-screen temperature display

• Automatic alert system

• Notifications via email and SMS


  • Seamless integration with the VR range
  • Available on all subscription tiers
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Powered by USB
  • Robust automated solution
  • Helps to protect against COVID 19 and to keep out coughs and colds


Visitor Rego Kiosk

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