For a lot of companies there just isn’t space in their office for a specific reception area, let alone the resources to have a person dedicated to working there.

But they still have visitors coming in and they need to be welcomed.

That’s easy, until the person has a problem, or they’re a courier just wanting to drop something off but they’re stuck between a lift and a locked door.

In this case companies can you VisitorRego’s Reception Bell.

It works just like it’s non-digital namesake, but instead of a ding that disrupts the whole office, notifications are sent to a specific person or group to let them know someone needs help.

After pressing the Reception Bell an email/SMS is sent to staff and the visitor is notified on the screen.

This has become more and more popular and our customers are getting really creative with how this looks on their reception screen.

Check out these great examples and get in touch if you’re feeling inspired.